Concept for digital end-customer communication

Concept for digital end-customer communication


Concept for digital end-customer communication for a universal bank


A leading German universal bank wants to implement a concept for digital approach and communication with its end-customers, in order to realize up and cross selling potentials and to increase the customer loyalty.


The task was to develop options for the generation and the increase of email opt-ins (consent form for the contact by email) and to draft an integrated digital media communication concept.

First of all, options for generating email opt-ins were analyzed. For that purpose, the most cost-efficient and the most coverage-efficient online and offline channels were identified and assessed using a benchmark analysis. Subsequently options for the best possible technical integration were discussed and different topics and formats regarding their potential for opt-in generation were analyzed and assessed.

Based on that, a communication concept was developed. Initially the content-related components (e.g. brochures, product offers, benefits programme) and the corresponding communication channels (newsletter, emailings) were elaborated and structured. Thereafter options for personalization were analyzed, evaluated, prioritized, and a campaign plan was created.


Outcome of the project was an adopted implementation road map for the generation of opt-ins, as well as for the approach of customers through the digital communication mechanisms that had been defined throughout the course of the project. By calculating a business case, the significant increase of the opt-in portfolio over the next five years was set as a target. Building on this, a complete digital communication concept for the direct end-customer approach was developed.

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