Conception of mobile app business model for B2B users

Conception of mobile app business model for B2B users


Conception of a mobile app business model for B2B users: from an image tool over sales push channel to Internet of Things enabler


A leading global consumer goods manufacturer wants to strengthen its brand image within its target group. Therefore, innovative digital tools for professional craftsmen (B2B) should be developed.

After a successful launch and with increasing popularity and awareness of the mobile app developed with iq! for this purpose, the objective was expanded: The customer wants to use the app, initially a pure image tool, to establish an attractive business model with which, among others, sales of the manufacturer’s products (tools) can be increased. In the future, the app should also become a business enabler for intelligent, internet connected products of the manufacturer.


In an ideation process with the customer, iq! developed a mobile app idea for craftsmen and other professionals to support them in their daily work with innovative digital features and services. The app functionalities were detailed in a concept, quantified within a business case and evaluated in terms of feasibility.
Moreover, a penetration concept was created to reach the target group over mobile and to push app downloads.

After a successful launch and with increasing popularity, the app was gradually developed further with the support of iq!.

First, a comprehensive concept was developed to personalize the offerings and services within the mobile app to display target-group specific content. For this purpose, existing and newly identified features were evaluated with regard to their personalization potential, numerous trigger points defined (implicit triggers = activated via the user behavior / explicit = via self-configuration by the user) and technical feasibility checked. The results, including recommendations, culminated in a detailed functional concept (specification document) and agency briefing.

In addition, a concept was developed showing how direct sales can be generated with the mobile app by offering chargeable services and what sales potential the services, which were identified by iq!, have.

Various Internet of Things (IoT) service concepts followed to increase the awareness of the manufacturer’s existing and future IoT products and to further develop them (e. g. identification of new services and features). Here again, the mobile app is integrated as a central component, or control element, thus creating an extensive ecosystem.


The mobile app was successfully launched on the market (2012) and rolled out worldwide. With iq! support, it has been and will be continuously advanced and gradually extended with innovative functionalities and services. With >5 million downloads, the app is by far the most popular app of the manufacturer.

Mobile Strategy

um mobile Zielgruppen zu erreichen

Mobile App Concept

inkl. Funktionalität (zahlreiche digitale Services & Features), Roadmap, Business Case sowie Konzept, die Mobile App stetig durch neue digitale Services und Features zu erweitern

Reach Concept

um die Reichweite der App zu erhöhen

Personalization Concept

um das Individualisierungslevel zu erhöhen und personalisierten Content sowie Services an unterschiedliche Nutzergruppen liefern zu können

Monetization Concept

um (direkten) Umsatz durch kostenpflichtige Angebote / Services innerhalb der App zu generieren

IoT Service Concepts

um die Awareness von existierenden und zukünftigen IoT-Produkten und deren Funktionalitäten zu erhöhen

#1 im App Store

Unter allen Apps des Herstellers die mit Abstand beliebteste

App Downloads

Bis heute konnten über 5 Mio Downloads verzeichnet werden – und es werden stetig mehr.


Die App ist inzwischen Weltweit in über 100 Ländern verfügbar.


Die User bewerten die App mir durchschnittlich 4,4 von 5 Sternen.
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