Development of an eDialog strategy for a smart home manufacturer

Development of an eDialog strategy for a smart home manufacturer


Development of an eDialog Strategie for a smart home manufacturer


A leading global durables manufacturer has launched a new innovative smart home product and wants to generate permissions to communicate with potential and existing customers.

iq! was asked to support the generation of marketing permissions and to develop an eDialog strategy to address (potential) customers in order to push product sales.


Identifying opportunities to generate marketing permissions and developing an eDialog strategy for B2C customers is a multi-step process:

Before mechanisms for generating permissions and an eDialog strategy could be set up, the current situation was analyzed and optimization potential was explored within the scope of an audit. In addition, a benchmark analysis was conducted, best practices identified and suitable permission and eDialog mechanisms derived and prioritized.

Within the scope of a technical assessment, various scenarios were outlined, evaluated in terms of their feasibility and the resulting technical requirements were defined (incl. IT infrastructure/systems, processes, data management). Furthermore, a legal assessment was carried out to clarify the legal requirements in B2C customer communication (primarily in-app communication).

At the same time, reach and sales potential was calculated to quantify the expected registered contacts (incl. permissions) and sales potential per measure. Based on this, the top mechanisms were determined and incorporated into the eDialog strategy.


Adoption of a comprehensive marketing permission and eDialog strategy, focusing on mobile or in-app communication, including a strategic roadmap, technical requirements and agency briefing.

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