Digital Retail Store for the Fashion Brand s.Oliver

Digital Retail Store for the Fashion Brand s.Oliver


In 5 weeks from 0 to 100 and in 3 phases to Artificial Retail Intelligence


Development and implementation of a communication, interaction and content concept for the Digital Retail Pilot Store from s.Oliver, where the new shop building concept “Home Story” with integrated digital touchpoints will be presented for the first time on a sales area of 541m². For nine defined and assigned contact points, it was necessary to create sales-oriented communication and interactive services via digital signage within a period of five weeks, which offer to the customer inspiration, guidance and advice and thus create genuine purchase incentives.


Within the scope of an ideation workshop, 74 format ideas were generated for the brand, product, service, sales, story and community categories. Subsequently, a function and task mix were defined for each touchpoint and the content formats were assigned to the respective touchpoints. After rough and fine-tuning of 30 content- and four interaction formats (denim guides), 76 clips for the recording of the touchpoints were produced and defined in an editorial plan in their chronological order. To measure the performance a KPI Grid as well as the Analytics Approach were developed. A 3-phase expansion and roll-out strategy completes this pilot project.


According to sales as a strategic goal, formats were developed that offer customers relevant buying impulses in the form of inspiring product communication. In addition to key looks, collection highlights, mix-and-match offers and special offers, the produced clips also feature context-related product cases. In addition, interactive touchpoints offer visitors the opportunity to learn about different jeans models. The digital signage concept is rounded off by campaign and image videos as well as a social wall with Livestream. Such a product-oriented digital retail concept is so far unique in the German fashion trade.

Store Front & Welcome Zone

Window 1


Window 2


Welcome Zone


Already in the shop windows, the visitors come into contact with the new digital retail concept: two attention-grabbing large-screen monitors animate the customers with collection highlights, context-related product offerings and campaign clips to visit the store. After shop closure, passers-by will be informed about the latest products and promotions in the online shop.

In the entrance area, new styles, key looks, outfits, mix’n’match product offers and special offers are presented on a ceiling monitor, providing an inspiring overview of current collections. This creates buying incentives and gives the customer orientation.

“Digital Retail reflects the reality of our customers. People are becoming more and more networked and a digital store concept is indispensable for customer engagement. “

– Susanne Schwenger, Managing Director Product & Marketing s.Oliver

Interactive Jeansguide

Denim Guides QS designed by

The interactive denim consultants give customers a quick, informative overview of the different jeans cuts and their fit characteristics. In the future individual product proposals for jeans models will be integrated.

Denim Guides s.Oliver Red

The goals of these four information and interaction points in the store are the orientation for customers in the “Denim” product segment and support in their purchase decision.

Checkout area


In the cash area, customers are informed about the retail services offered by s.Oliver. In addition, films of fashion events are shown and other products promoted. Possible waiting times are shortened by the application of carry-along items, which are available at the cash desk and act as purchasing impulses.


“Let’s talk about the retail of the future, rather than on the future of retail. Context-based interactions and AI-based content as well as processes are the next logical steps in a digital strategy for stationary retailers.“

– Orlando Noor, founder & managing partner iq! Studios

Vision & Outlook

For the expansion of the digital strategy, iqi plans to map further context-related and predictive interactions as well as AI-based content and processes. The generation of content will be dynamically based on live data on-site in the future. For this purpose, inventory should be linked and KPI dashboards created automatically. Using RFID, sensor technology and API connections, iqi is already developing further user- and sales-oriented interaction concepts.

Our approach

Digital Retail Strategy

Parallel to content conception and production, a three-phase expansion and roll-out strategy was developed, which sets relevant topics such as automation degree, dynamization, fast ROI achievement and retail AI in short rhythms on a timeline.

KPI Grid & Analytics Dashboards

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! In order to make the economic success of this innovative measure measurable and analyzable for the customer, iq! has developed a key figure framework and associated performance dashboards and advised on the technical setup in the store.

Corporate Digital Signage Styleguide

After a finding and mood phase with the customer, the motion design for the s.Oliver roof mark as well as for three brands and a special collection were defined in several versions. Digital Retail thus plays a significant role in the company’s distinctive brand awareness.

This Is How It All Started

In the course of an ideation workshop, relevant content and requirements from the existing communication channels were determined and format ideas were generated for various content categories, which were then assigned to the respective touchpoints.

#1 at the top store openings (TW)

General overview

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