Omni-Channel Lead Management for leading German engineering company

Omni-Channel Lead Management for leading German engineering company


Omni-Channel Lead Management for leading German engineering company


A leading German engineering company seeks to provide evidence via multiple marketing campaigns that structured Omni-Channel Lead Management can both generate new leads to increase revenues and simultaneously support the sales team to process the leads afterwards.

The project objective was to set up an up to this point non-existing Lead Management process that governs the interplay between Marketing and Sales when it comes to Lead Generation.


The assignment included the support of the customer in terms of planning, implementation and evaluation of Lead Management campaigns in 2 countries (Germany and Thailand). One part of the campaigns had the objective to generate direct sales for consumables via the digital sales channel while the other part of the campaigns aimed at generating new sales leads for machines.

At first, the workflow along the Marketing-& Sales Funnel was defined for each campaign. After that, the reach channels (eMail, Print, Google Ads, etc.) were selected and the necessary campaign assets (landing pages, eMail temlates, website sliders, SEA keywords & ads, etc.) were created and technically integrated. Finally, the campaign results were tracked via diverse Web Analytics tools on a regular basis and benchmarked with the previously calculated campaign potentials.

As outlook, diverse levers for scaling the campaigns to the entire organization were pointed out and a rough roll-out potential was calculated.


The campaigns proved that structured Omni-Channel Lead Management can

1) massively increase the up-& cross-selling potential for consumables via digital sales channels and

2) generate new sales leads for the equipment business at negligibly low variable cost. The campaigns generated a multiple of the sales leads that are usually generated in the same period. Through the digital pre-qualification of leads the sales team was simultaneously supported to handle and process the leads appropriately.

After the successful implementation of the project, iq! currently supports the customer in implementing Lead Management worldwide.

iq! approach


campaign result

Consumer goods campaigns



equipment business campaigns

Invest X.000€
Sales Volume X00.000€

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