Personalization concept for an ecommerce platform

Personalization concept for an ecommerce platform


Personalization concept for the ecommerce platform and customer communication of a leading European mail-order company


A leading European mail-order company wants to implement personalization features on their ecommerce platform in order to address its customers in a more targeted and personalized way, thus increasing its revenues.


The task for iq! was to develop options for personalization (e.g. short list, wish list, price alerts, accessories recommendations) and to assess their business potential.

After the elaboration of a framework for the classification of personalization options, through a benchmark analysis with ecommerce platforms of competitors (including test runs), as well as through ideas developed during the project, different possibilities for the personalization along the customer journey (from the generation of information to the after-sales) were disclosed. Subsequently, the generated options regarding potential reach and sales potential were assessed and an implementation roadmap was defined.


With the benchmarking analysis, across all analyzed ecommerce platforms, 40 personalization functions could be identified, of which the customer at the time of the analysis had integrated only about 20% on his own platform. Through the implementation of the developed personalization concept, the mail-order company was able to significantly increase its sales revenues.

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