eCommerce Market Germany 2017

eCommerce Market Germany 2017
24.09.2018 Kathrin Kempf

The Top 10 list of German Onlineshops has experienced only little change: Amazon is leading with almost 30% market share. The Top 3 Shops (Amazon is followed by Otto and Zalando) are generating over 13 bn. € constituting 43% of the market. One Newcomer is joining the exclusive Top 10 club: Retailer Lidl more than doubles its Online Sales volume and is now the 6th largest Onlineshop in Germany, banishing Tchibo from the Top 10 list. Media Markt is continuing its astonishing growth which cleared its way to the Top 10 last year.  

eCommerce 2017 vs. 2016

eCommerce Market Germany 2017 – Top 10 Shops
Source: EHI Retail Institute

Top 10 Onlineshops in Germany – Lidl, Media Markt and Zalando with strongest growth rates

Germany’s Top 10 Shops continue to grow, most impressively Lidl with a Sales plus of 185,7%. Furthermore, Media Markt grows with 37,8%, Zalando with 14,2% and Cyberport with 13,0%. The Top 10 list keeps to be dominated by Generalist Shops with various product categories as well as Online retailers of the apparel and consumer electronics category. Media Markt was the first physical retailer entering the Top 10 club last year. 2017 followed Lidl as the second one.

The Top 10 Online Shops in Germany generate more than 50% of the Online Sales volume of the Top 100 Online Shops (56,4%) with Amazon clearly leading the eCommerce market.

iq! analyzed the Top 10 Online Shops in previous years, too (see 2016 analysis here and 2015 report here).

Top 10 industries selling Online in Germany – Generalists leading the market

eCommerce Industries 2017

eCommerce Market Germany 2017 – Top 10 Industries
Source: EHI Institute

It is unchanged that Generalist Online Shops like Amazon or Otto with multiple product categories are dominating the market. Their sales share among the Top 100 stores is around 50%. Platforms selling exclusively apparel (like Zalando) or consumer electronics (like are already important and growing steadily (both have growth rates around 15%). Drugstore & Health (driven by DocMorris) as well as Furniture & Household goods (determined by IKEA) are the fastest growing Industry categories and have the potential to gain significance during the next few years. All other industries have a sales share of around 1-2% and less perspective to increase their eCommerce relevancy soon. Due to increased Online Streaming and eReading, the sale of physical media goods is in steep decline.

Top 100 Online Shops – Multichannel

eCommerce Multichannel 2017eCommerce Market Germany 2017 – Multichannel 
Source: EHI Retail Institute

In general, Pure Online Players or companies with a mail order background dominate the Top 100 Onlineshop ranking in Germany. Nevertheless, more and more “traditional” retailers or manufacturers seam to learn how to sell Online. Lidl and Media Markt are two examples among the Top 10 Online Stores. However, there are more retailers in the Top 100 list, including for example home improvement store Hagebau or perfumery chain Douglas, which increase the weight of their Online channel each year.

The second group that is doing very well Online are manufacturers already distributing via own physical stores, like H&M or adidas. For manufacturers with no retail arm, it seams to be quite difficult to gain Online momentum. US consumer electronics builder Dell and HP are two exceptions that started to push their products through the Online channel quite early.


The eCommerce market in Germany keeps growing. The Sales volume of the Top 100 Online Shops reached 30,5 bn. € in 2017, coming form 27,5 bn. € in 2016. Amazon holds its dominant market position. More multichannel retailers like Lidl and Media Markt enter the top positions and improve their Online Shopping experience. Consumer electronics, apparel and drugstores grow and competition gets fiercer. For manufacturers, it is still difficult to implement an Online Shop with larger significance. It is much easier to excel in the eCommerce field by finding the right 3rd Party Online platforms distributing their products.





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