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Our self-conception

iq! is a mastermind of digital innovations in marketing, sales and digital products and business models

In the digital age, which is characterized by omni-channel and full connectivity, the boundaries between marketing, sales, services and product development are blurred. Direct channels to the customer arise, which must be managed.
We have extensive expertise in these areas and accompany projects until the successful launch of new products, services or business models. Our clear positioning has given us a large portfolio of successful projects over the past few years.

Digital Business Models

– Identification of business potential
– Development of digital business models
– Make-or-buy processes
– Multi-channel distribution
– Due dilligence support

Digital Marketing

– Marketing strategy
– Marketing mix

– Communication strategy
– Campaign execution

CRM & Loyalty
– Customer loyalty programs & eDialog
– Cooperation marketing

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce
– Own eCommerce
– 3rd Party eCommerce
– Multi-channel sales

Digital Retail
– Digital retail
– Digital POS equipment
– Digital sales support

Internet of Things

IoT product development
– IoT strategy & vision
– IoT product & service design
– IoT prototypes

IoT product & eco systems
– IoT system concepts
– Partner-, customer- and data management
– System marketing


– User experience design
– User interface & interaction design
– Frontend & backend development
– PLO, PMO & interimsmanagement

Change Management

– Organisation & responsibilities
– Processes
– Systems
– Trainings

Our studies and white papers


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