How was Amazon doing in 2018?

How was Amazon doing in 2018?
21.12.2018 Kathrin Kempf

2018 was peppered with highlights for the Internet giant Amazon: acquisitions, new openings, investments, announcements and plans on plans. Since it is now of great interest to every businessman what Amazon does, we have compiled and analyzed the most important news of the past year. In addition to the core business of eCommerce, there are four main topics that have occupied the Group: logistics, healthcare, entertainment and retail as an extension of its digital activities.

The big four topics of 2018


Amazon’s Top Topics in 2018
Source: iq! Management Consulting

Four main topics crystallize out of the multitude of developments at Amazon:


The biggest bang is certainly the acquisition of the online pharmacy PillPack. As the transaction total is estimated at approximately $ 1 billion, it is one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the online retailer. The positioning of the healthcare start-up fits well with Amazon’s business model: The core target group are patients who regularly take medication and purchase it in a kind of subscription model. Thus, the young company provides above all loyal regular customers. 

Amazon also cares about the health of its employees and plans to build its own hospital in Seattle and health insurance for the workforce. Or are these test balloons for a bigger coup?

And the Amazon Cloud launches Comprehend Medical, a service designed to help understand patient data better. Alexa should also do this in the future and recognize the state of health and state of mind of a user.


On one side of Amazon’s entertainment efforts is the hardware.  That means speaker Echo coupled with speech recognition Alexa. For example, a new free Alexa auto-apps kit was launched, or a deal was signed with Marriott, which placed the Echo speakers in all hotels. There will be an Echo Look giving style consultation. There are rumors that Amazon is planning an Alexa-controlled robot.

On the other side is the content that is made available via the Prime Video Portal. With a “Lord of the Rings” season in the making, Amazon is creating probably the most expensive series of all time. The streaming portal Twitch will attack YouTube more strongly in the future. Rumors suggest that even the takeover of a cinema chain could be on the plan.


In 2018, Amazon opened several cashless Amazon Go stores. There are supposed to be 3,000 shops in the USA at some point in the future.
In India, Amazon took a 49% stake in the supermarket chain “More”, thus intensifying its investments in the branch business. In the future, Amazon Pay should also be used in a stationary environment, not just in digital space. 

The Internet giant continues to invest in its own brands, especially in the fashion sector. He also reinforces his personalization activities, e.g. with the print-on-demand service “Merch by Amazon“.


Amazon also does a lot in 2018 to determine the last mile to the customer. The aircraft and van fleet was increased. More and more transport services are working exclusively for Amazon and the company has set up its own incubator for logistics services.

Amazon Key (the delivery of parcels in the trunk) is being expanded. The start-up “Ring”, which makes smart doorbells, was acquired for an estimated € 1 billion. This acquisition could further simplify the delivery of parcels directly to the customer.


Amazon’s key Facts & Figures 2018
Source: iq! Management Consulting 


As we see in the graph above, Amazon did not get bored otherwise. The company valuation was gigantic, the expansion progressed. In the future, there will be three Amazon headquarters in the US, since the search for talent is hard. There are plenty of goals for the next few years, and Jeff Bezos even reaches for the stars.
Unfortunately, in 2018 there was also criticism of some business practices, the treatment and pay of the employees were a central issue. There were problems with leaks of customer data and privacy advocates strongly opposed the face recognition software “Rekognition”, which was made available to the police.

It’s going to be exciting to see what news Amazon will surprise us with in 2019…






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